Our Statements


Nebraska Democratic Women’s Caucus

Statements of Philosophy

1. The Nebraska Democratic Women’s Caucus (NDWC) strongly supports the Democratic Party.

2. The NDWC actively encourages Democratic women to become involved in the political process and to seek offices in local and state Democratic organizations.

3. The NDWC strongly supports qualified Democratic women running for local, state and national political offices.

4. The NDWC supports Democratic candidates who demonstrate a strong commitment to women’s issues.

5. The NDWC believes that the human and civil rights of children must be protected and that tougher legislation should be passed in order to maintain those rights.

6. The NDWC believes that all children should be protected from the psychological and physical aspects of child abuse, neglect, and exploitation.

7. The NDWC believes that child care providers should have adequate and affordable facilities; proper supervision; appropriate educational programs; and qualified, screened, trained personnel.

8. The NDWC believes that the priceless heritage of free public educational opportunities for every person must be preserved and strengthened.

9. The NDWC supports quality, well-funded early childhood education.

10. the NDWC supports all efforts that will prevent sexual assault.

11. The NDWC insists that all persons, regardless of gender, be given equal opportunity for employment, promotion, compensation (including equal pay for equal work), and leadership in all activities.

12. The NDWC is committed to the elimination of racial, ethnic, sexual orientation, religious, and gender discrimination in all its forms.

13. The NDWC believes that sexual harassment is a form of sex discrimination or abuse.

14. The NDWC supports family planning, including the right to reproductive freedom.  We believe that every person has the right to control their own body by making personal reproductive decisions.  We oppose all attempts to infringe on this right.

15. The NDWC deplores incidents of hate-motivated physical and verbal attacks against individuals or groups because of their race, color, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age disability, size, marital status, or economic condition.

16. The NDWC recognizes the vicious cyclical effects of family violence, which contributes to family disintegration, social maladjustment, and overall erosion of society and its institutions. The NDWC supports an increase in funding and staffing of existing family services and further urges creation of additional support systems and shelters.

17. The NDWC believes that all members of our society have the right to adequate, affordable health care.

18. The NDWC urges that attention be brought to the plight of senior citizens who suffer physical, mental and economic abuse.

19. The NDWC supports family-oriented welfare reform legislation that is consistently child-centered.

20. The NDWC supports a strong system of public education that promotes gender fairness, equity,and diversity.

21. The NDWC strongly believes in the separation of Church and State and in intellectual freedom.

22. The NDWC supports sexuality education in schools by properly trained personnel.

23. The NDWC recognizes the abhorrent effect of domestic violence on women and children. We strongly recognize the deleterious effect placed on children living in a household wherein a woman is being battered.

24. The NDWC recognizes that the legal system’s response to family violence and sexual assault needs to be greatly improved. Existing laws must be enforced by the police and by the judiciary. New laws to strengthen the protection of victims of domestic violence and sexual assault must be proposed.

25.  The NDWC strongly believes that our nation must do much more to stop gun violence.  Federal, state and local governments must have the necessary resources to study and redress this public health emergency through more stringent law and regulation.  

26. The NDWC strongly supports efforts to defeat all voter suppression tactics and discriminatory voter identification laws.  The NDWC believes in expanding early voting and vote-by-mail, implementing universal automatic voter registration and same day voter registration, ending partisan, socioeconomic and racial gerrymandering, and making Election Day a national holiday. 

27.  The NDWC recognizes that climate change is an existential threat to the health and well-being of our state, our country and the world.  We support all efforts to minimize the effects and the work to find long-term solutions to this crisis.